Medical Fitness for Travellers

Medical Clearance/Fitness Certificate from Airport Health Department, Govt. of Pakistan is required if there is an indication that the travellers is suffering from any disease or physical or mental condition that:

  • Maybe considered a potential hazard to the safety of the Aircraft.
  • Adversary affects the welfare and comfort of the other passengers and /or crew members.
  • Requires special medical attention /or special equipment during the flight.
  • Maybe aggravated by the flight.


Pregnant Women:-

Guide lines for a women with uncomplicated pregnancy is as following:

  • From 28-34 weeks of pregnancy a letter from Doctor/Gynecologist should be carried confirming the normal state of pregnancy and expected date of delivery.
  • The state of health of pregnant women will also be then duly checked and certified by Doctor of Airport Health Establishments, Government of Pakistan.